Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Robbed Me

I am sitting at the boss's desk waiting for him to finish his PR (OK, OK, catching up with what's happening in the office) rounds and come sit down here and help me out with points for his speech in England. He's a globe trotter that one. And I just want to go to Perth once more. I want to go to the Berry Farm at Margaret River and have some of that heavenly chutney (which of course I will buy and pack for home). It just adds that zing to every meal, you know?

I feel better today, so much better that I'm open to going out tonight, though not to a noisy smoky place.

Zafrul has just come and sat himself down across from me and opened his temporary laptop (his permanent laptop is nearly always on the blink). He is supposed to look at his rewritten profile which I sent him yesterday.

Me: I changed your profile.

Him: Why, why, what's wrong with the old profile?

Me: I just wanted to add zinglar!

So that's kinda like my job you know, writing profiles, company and personality...a bit like my old job except this is only one company and one personality.

I'm re-reading Eat, Pray, Love and loving it even more the second time around. I wish I could sneak off somewhere and read my book.

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