Monday, February 25, 2008


It's weird being down for the count. Last night I woke up with my stomach going through these spectacular cramps (I couldn't figure out if it was gastric or food poisoning) and this morning I woke up feeling like death warmed up. Just plain knackered.

So I crawl into work and there is some minor drama going on (Nadia lost her phone, or more appropriately, it was stolen). As her laptop had been stolen just a few days ago (someone broke into her car and nicked it) this was not good news.

She went through the familiar motions of horror, disbelief and a massive sense of violation. I watched her and felt worse and worse (physically). Funny thing, this stomach bug ceased to hurt but I was feeling all weak and droopy and listless. Told the boss I thought I caught his stomach flu and I was going home. He said OK.

I went home and promptly fell asleep. After which I called Dadda and told him I was not feeling well, and would he bring some Rotiboy home cos I was hungry. He made sympathetic clucking noises and did the needful, arriving home a good hour earlier than was his wont. He also had to make the tea, as being the lazy sick girl that I was, I hadn't.

So, there I was dunking my rotiboy into tea...when I started feeling sick again. I pushed a half-eaten bun towards him (despite his protestations), took a shower and went back to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream? No. I huddled under the covers and read One Red Paperclip. And finished it, by gum!

Or as Julie would say, dagnabbit! (Julie talks funny...I think it was an early diet of Garfield and M*A*S*H* that put paid to her vocabulary...but it makes me no never mind).

Then I felt inspired enough to crawl to the computer and offer to trade my book (One Red Paperclip) for something funky. Like perhaps, another book? Or maybe a fish pen? Or a house?

Who knows.... was an interesting week. I learned a new word.


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