Saturday, February 09, 2008

Back Home...

I'm back home in JB now. Took a long slow drive yesterday and arrived late in the afternoon, closer to evening. Mum came down, grinned at me and made me some tea, while I scarfed down her nasi lemak (not having had any lunch and being famished as a result).

Then I went upstairs for a loooooong snooze only waking up for some dinner. I tell you, I get so lazy the moment I get back home. I don't want to do anything but snuggle under covers and read some Agatha Christie that I have read a thousand times before but can't seem to get enough of.

This time, Mums got me back by saying we would celebrate the Chubster's birthday early. OK. So here I am baking a fresh lemon curd cake. Actually, I just made the curd. I will get around to making the cakey bit after this.

Just as soon as I've finished my tea, and listening to Chubby's ARIAS CD.

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