Monday, February 11, 2008

In A Meeting

At a management meeting. Lizard face is feeling particularly hostile. She has come out to attack one guy, but been forced to withdraw her fangs when he brushed off her "concerns".

Seems like I'm not the alienated one here. She is.

Haha. I was writing out birthday cards when Zafrul arrived and the meeting was called. Apparently I have chock-a-block meetings today so I am wondering when I will get to sneak off to bind Jerry's book (I made him a book for his birthday last night - Flowers for Jerry).

I also need to post three birthday cards. (The last I will be handing over personally)

Elsie is talking now. I think she is my most inoffensive colleague.

Basil just told me my button was undone. (You loosen up my buttons baby, but you keep fronting, say what you gonna do to me...) So indecent!

I'm wearing my stripey hat because I feel like doing something different today.

I look like a very tanned Japanese tourist.

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