Friday, June 09, 2006

I don't know what to say lar!

Our motorcyclists don't care whether they live or die. They weave in and out of traffic with not a thought to life and limb and if you don't spot them and make adjustments accordingly, they die. I don't care about that. Most motorcyclists killed on our roads, ask for it. I would just prefer it be some monstrous truck that does it, not me. I don't want to be traumatised for the rest of my life having wiped out one of those bloody buggers!

I have humanitarian friends from abroad who cannot understand my feral attitude towards these pests, feeling that I'm a tad, well, harsh. Then they spend one heart-in-their-mouth day on our roads and swiftly change their minds.

Radio announcer: "A motorcyclist was killed yesterday in an accident on the LDP..."

Ex-humanitarian friend: "Probably asked for it..."

Yesterday, while negotiating the bloody maze that is SS2, this motorcyclist in front of me, casuallly took off his helmet, rubbed his head, put it back on, with like, a finger on the bike to steer. In mid-journey. My friend and I glanced at each other and shook our heads. Even after half an hour of having them swing wildly into my path and being on the wrong side of the road as I tried to turn (ignoring my indicator because Malaysians don't bother with such stupid niceties as signalling) this still took the cake. TAKING OFF HIS BLOODY HELMET IN MID-RIDE!

I mean to say, what?

Look I have no objections to suicide. Leave a note if you decide to, because I find these interesting and collect them. Just don't do it on the road. You may take others who were not planning on going anytime soon with you. And more importantly, you may dent my car.

I just don't know what to say lar!


Grey Shades said...

Lol! Love the indifference :) You should visit Bangalore sometime...

Jenn said...

Whose indifference? Mine or theirs?

I visited Bombay once. And spent my entire time in an auto-rickshaw thinking that I was going to die.

Is Bangalore like that?

gutterspace said...

My opinion is that motorcycles and whacko cyclists should be banned. Over the last 3 years, have lost two of my friends to ghastly road accidents, and both of them involved motorcycles/cyclists gone awry. As for me, am never going to sit on them, ever.

goldennib said...

Jenn, this was so funny.

Pennsylvania just repealed its helmet law (such Cowboys.) I just love paying for someone else's stupidity. Vegtables are very expensive.

Grey Shades said...

Your indifference :) In bombay people will just zip around you. Bangalore you can be sure that people will hit you... its really bad out there.

part-time buddha said...

I don't care which part of the world you live in: the desire to perch your crotch inches from a white-poker-hot engine with just a few slim pieces of foam and plastic between it and your precious preciousness, while driving at high speeds without the relative safety of a metal cage and weaving through traffic like an ant trying to survive a meteor shower shows nothing less than severely pathological signs of stupidity.

And the people that ride on small seats behind and holding onto these morons are obviously only one step removed from the first amphibian - while perhaps the bravest of creatures, she is probably also history's first recorded suicide.

I am a humanist, but I would rather these people jump from buildings. They would splatter a bit more, sure, but it would be easier to clean up and chances are they wouldn't nearly cause another person's death on their way down.

A thinker said...

um. ahem. While I love motorcycles and therefore can't join in the general antipathy, I do think that riding without a helmet is very stupid.

When I first moved to New Hampshire (the US state I'm currently living in), I laughed to discover that their motto is "Live Free or Die." When I discovered that motorcyclists here are not required to wear helmets, I modified it to, "Live Free AND Die."

In emergency rooms, they have a name for them: organ donors.

Jenn said...

gutterspace: I am sorry that happened to you. And like you, have always had a phobia about riding on the damn things. Even when I was small.

Nessa: Yeah. Although we are supposed to eat them everyday. Now there's a thought!

Grey Shades: Really? Well I am not coming to India anytime soon, that's for sure. Malaysia is bad enough.

PTB: I agree. Agree again. Totally agree. You are absolutely brilliant!

A thinker: Organ donors! LOL. Although I don't think these idiots over here ever donate their functioning organs...buried or burnt with the twisted metal.

David Cho said...

There are two kinds of motorcyclists. Ones who have been in accidents and others who have not been. Yet. Most of my motorcyclist friends in the first group.

Jenn said...

Poor David. Tell them to take the bus. Though in all likelihood they would not be as bad as the ones we have here. At least, I was driving around a couple of friends from Australia and they cringed everytime a motorcyclist zipped past with inches to spare.