Thursday, June 08, 2006

Forgetting is a matter of survival

To Charles, regardless...

Forgetting is a matter of pills,
haze, work, traffic jams,
credit card bills,
life going nowhere.

Forgetting is a matter of opiates,
Wine, whisky, angeldust,
Anonymous lovers aplenty,
life going nowhere.

Forgetting is a matter of books,
Wurtzel, Beck, maybe Shakespeare,
no, not Shakespeare,
life going nowhere.

Forgetting is a matter of
teh tarek at midnight with friends,
talking about work, dreams, love...
no, not love,
life going nowhere.

I will forget,
But I wont.
I wont.


goldennib said...

I tried commenting like 15 times last night. Anyway, I tried to say the following:

Both of these entries feel autobiographical.

Beautifully written.

Trying to squelch the memories and pain in everyday activities or stronger stuff, yet not wanting to forget because it was so good once.

part-time buddha said...

I love how, unlike most poets, you're unafraid of repetition. There haven't been poems this brave since the metaphysical poets.

Jenn said...

Nessa: Thanks. Some of this is real, as always.

PTB: Am not sure how to take that. Brave....hmmmmmm

David Cho said...

Looking at the first four stanzas (is that a right term), I am really not sure if anybody's life is really going anywhere. When looking around, most people are involved in one or all four of those things, and their lives seem to be going some place, but maybe we are all going in circles.


David Cho said...

So may I append..

Forgetting is a matter of code

for(int i=0;i<count;i++)
Life life = new Life();
life.misery = money * girls;

life going nowhere.

Jenn said...

David: I don't know about that...your life could be filled with all this minutiae and still have meaning. And sometimes, it can just be an endless repetition of the motions for living, with emptiness inside.

Replace girls with boys and I think you got yourself a good code. (Though I know nothing about code)

David Cho said...

Replace girls with boys and I think you got yourself a good code.

What are you suggesting here? I am straight as an arrow.

Jenn said...

Um I was not taking a crack at your sexuality. But you seemed to be equating girls with misery. So I suggested you replace that with boys.

Not understanding how code works of course...I may have inadvertently suggested you were gay. If so, sorry.