Thursday, March 10, 2011

JB Food

So I arrived bright and early (50 minutes too early) to pick up the Big M, Jackie and Simon from the airport. Lazed around the bookshop (but of course) and finally seated myself just outside the arrival hall, facing Lavender, reading my newly purchased book, and waiting.

They arrived, Mum being wheeled in a chair looking substantially more substantial, Jackie and Simon, looking no different (just a little more tanned) as there was a day at the beach in all that eating. Speaking of eating. It seems our relatives in Sabah force fed them to the point where everyone (even Simon, which is saying something) lost their appetites.

A case of being killed by kindness.

However, things started to pick up the moment they arrived on JB soil. Jackie asked me how tired I was. Well, pretty tired considering that I only dropped off at about four in the morning, watching Christmas movies on Youtube. (I know, I know)

She wanted to go the famous JB bread shop to see if there were any buns left. Two previous expeditions there had proven fruitless.

So we went.

This time, struck gold with the kaya, an-pan (red bean) and otak-otak buns. Also, banana cake. (Jackie likes to sniff her banana cake before eating it) She was so elated she started jumping up and down. The Chinese man there smiled benevolently. Although he is used to people loving his cakes and buns to the point of distraction, he still likes demonstrations of it.

We arrived home (the dogs, as can be expected, were overjoyed to see them) and had our tea. With the buns. I made chicken vindaloo and a spicy cauliflower fry the day before so we heated that up for dinner and Simon and Jackie (whose appetites had come back with a vengeance) managed to polish off most of it.

I would have too, except that suddenly realised yesterday was Ash Wednesday, as in the start of Lent, so am giving up meat, alcohol and sweets. (One day done and 39 to go).

Addy sent me a text to ask me if I was giving up Mark's performances for Lent (I didn't think if it before) and even if I do, I still have to go next Monday as I made a date with Omar. Since I already cancelled once, it wouldn't be nice to cancel again.

Now we are off to the market with a list of stuff to stock Mum's fridge and we are going to see Auntie Baby as well.

Mum doesn't mind the loss in our company as her hectic social schedule has kicked in. She has an outing with the "girls" today, and a dinner with the Sultan on Saturday. Dunno what she has planned for Friday, but we tend to have to work around her schedule.

Good for her, I say.

OK, gotta go bathe now.

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