Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In The Backseat

Jackie sent me the following and I had to share it with all two of you:

Isn't he the cutest pupchen ever?

Have just come back from walk with the pupchen. I think he missed his walkies (I didn't go yesterday) and was refusing all food. Dadda called "Arnold, come and eat" and cajoled him and I yelled, dragged him to his food and even smacked him.

To no avail.

He looked at me sadly out of his big brown eyes and settled himself out of reach underneath the table. Finally I figured it out. After a phone conversation with Jackie, I took that shower, put on my "going for walkies" togs and affixed the lead to his collar.

Arnold came alive. He cavorted (which is what he does when he wants to show he's excited about the walk) and we took a round - the park, down the "secret passage" of old, round to the back of the house. Then I got my book, and settled down on one of the benches and released him. Instead of running around wildly, he jumped on the park bench and cuddled up close.

So I had one hand round him patting him absently, singing along to James Taylor on the iPod, reading my Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Arnold stayed quiet for a while and then he decided it was time to head for the hills. Or rather, the rest of the park. One false start as he rushed forward only to see a large troupe of Nepali workers ambling along the road on their way to work. He made a U-turn and came rushing back to me, scrambling up on the park bench. We sat there watching the workers passing, me still singing to him and trying to read my book.

When he was sure that every single last one of 'em was gone, he ventured forth again, and this time, he made it. That was the last I saw of him for a while. Then the yappy little dogs three houses away started barking. (Arnold loves to stand outside their back gate and provoke them) I looked up and there he was running back and forth on the road. And then he'd had enough. He stood on our back doorstep and turned to wait patiently for me to come home.

I said, no, you come to me. Held up his lead. He started to make his way but was distracted by cat hovering temptingly in his vicinity. Turned and chased said cat and I screamed. There is a certain quality in my voice when provoked that means "somebody's gonna get it good". Arnold recognises this. He gave up pursuit of said cat and ears and tail down, pattered back to the backdoor.

I let him in and thought maybe I'd go back to the park bench to finish the chapter. He turned inquiringly as I let him and locked the gate without getting in as well.

"You going somewhere?"

I sighed. OK, there were way too many mosquitoes outside. I unlocked the gate, let myself in and saw my little doggie heading straight for his bowl. A little water and then he attacked his food.

Came to visit me in my room after, give me his customary "I've just eaten" lick and settle himself down on my now-clean floor.

Maybe I'll take him for another walk later.

For now, I promise I won't write again until I've done some work.

Some real work.


Jenn said...

It's half six and I haven't started. Not a damn word. Instead, I'm going to take a quick shower and take my Arnold boy out for a walk.


Jenn said...

On the flip side however, my room is clean.