Thursday, January 06, 2011

Oh Wow, You Mean It's Next Year Already?

Is it time yet? Is it time to go back? It probably is as the people who avoided calling me in December because I asked them not to, have started sending me tentative enquiries:

"Jennifer, are you back? Are you ready for work? Interviews next week; is that OK?"

Does that mean the holiday is over?

Technically I haven't really started the New Year. That's may be why when Mum asked me when a particular tub of yogurt expires, I glanced at the date (11-1-2011) and said:

"Next year."

And Mum grabbed it from me, then shot me one of her: "Are you mad?" looks.

Oh right. It's already 2011. Who'd have thought?

OK, I'll update this in earnest when I get back to KL.

It should be an interesting year.

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