Friday, January 28, 2011

Call Me, Call Me, Baby Baby Call Me Now...

Oooooh the place was divine, and the massage (OK my calves are still aching for that which apparently is a comment on my state of health). And after that I drifted out in a haze of aromatic essential oils to the KLCC to browse through the various books at Kino (why would anyone go to the KLCC if not for Kino? I mean, I know people do, but why?).

Anyways, I bought four books (most of them had discounts attached but they still came up to a hefty sum and I think I've exhausted my tax deductions book-wise, for the year, and it's only January) and was thinking, geez, I'm hungry, what I would like more than anything right now is a sandwich, a healthy sandwich.

Now I know there are a lot of you out there who think, materialise, just like that.

It doesn't often happen for me.

So there I was thinking, mmmmmm sandwich...when I happened to see a CEO I used to cover (one of the nicest ever) sitting near a sandwich place. Turned out, he owned it with his wife, who jumped up to go get me a sandwich and drink (on the house) and it was hands down one of the best I'd ever had. Salmon. I can still taste it.


And then I went to collect a check I was asked to come and collect today and here, for the first time, something to ruffle the placidity of a smooth, unbroken day.

Check? What check? Asked the lady from the finance department. Who did some furious phoning to discover that hey, yeah, there was money owing to me, but she couldn't issue a check because I hadn't sent them an invoice.

Grrrr....there I was, illegally parked downstairs, thinking I could just nip in and get it. Neways, she said, email me the invoice and I'll bank it in. Fair do. I hated going there if only because there was absolutely no parking to be had for love or money and you always ran a risk of parking tickets or worse, when you left your car unattended in a spot where it was clearly not meant to be.

Anyway, she was nice, so the ruffles were not large and in fact, they smoothed away all at once and I drove home still in this semi somnolent state, tranquility filling the car like seven-minute frosting.

Back to tea and brownie biscuits and The Magus and my creative projects and my little doggie (who's fast asleep next to me twitching)and my beautiful new bookshelf (I can't help it, every time I look at it, I smile) and my clean, clean room (it's been a while) and my relatively organised desk and answering emails so now I don't have to feel so guilty anymore and the possibility of an article on sandwiches, and, and, and....

FYI, if you're reading this and you're sort of female (or pretending to be) and you qualify for a Ladies Night, would you like to go with me to the spa (it's right in the heart of KL) on Wednesday night? There's a hot stone massage (or body scrub or something else) followed by chocolate fondue and we can bring our own wine and make a night of it.

Sounds like heaven to me.

It ends in February, so if you're keen, call me.

No really, call me. (making phone hand on ear)

Call me.


Nessa said...

Ladies night out sounds so wonderful. I've never had a professional massage.

Jenn said...

You come to Malaysia and I'll take you.