Sunday, January 02, 2011

Expecto Patronum

I decided a few days ago to re-read Harry Potter. The whole series (I'm now on the 6th). The thing about re-reading Harry Potter is that you have to prepare yourself for total immersion. Obsession.

This is the first time I'm re-reading the series since Deathly Hallows came out, what was it, a couple of years ago? Now I'm reading more slowly, I actually got to appreciate Order of the Phoenix.

I find Harry Potter terribly tragic though. I find myself tearing up on every other page.

Other than making me a complete basket case for the duration of the seven books, that is, assuming I don't pick up Philosopher's Stone again the moment I finish Deathly Hallows, it also has other unintended side effects. Like if someone makes me mad, I wave my non-existent wand at them and scream: "Crucio!"

Silently of course.

Which, as everyone knows, is an Unforgivable Curse and could land me in Azkaban.

Probably for life.

Also, and more importantly, it's not very nice.

What's really weird is that it's New Year and I don't have any New Year thoughts. Whatsoever. I hunkered down on Mum's bed and read my Harry Potter and listened to the phone ringing away as various relatives and friends called to wish the Big M.

When I asked her how many people she spoke to today, she said, more than 10 rather gleefully, ticking them off with her fingers, then running out of fingers.

If you have more calls than fingers, I reckon that makes you a popular person.

I was busy reading my book, so I wouldn't know.

I got a really nice text from someone by mistake. My phone didn't recognise the number and when I skipped to the end of that long message I realised I didn't know who this person was.

So I replied thanking her for the message, pointing out that it was probably sent to the wrong person and wishing her a Happy New Year anyway.

Which is what I'd like to wish y'all too.

Happy New Year.

And now I need to get back to my Half Blood Prince.

Mischief managed.


Jenn said...

I just thought of something. In keeping with my title, this is my New Year wish for you....that you may learn to create corporeal Patronuses to repel all the Dementors in your life.

Howzzat for a truly Harry Potter greeting?

Tudor Rose said...

Ah, yes. The obsession that comes with rereading Harry Potter. Or watching any of the movies, because I can never just watch one. I then have to watch all of them. And stalk various HP-related websites.

I would be in dire need of a time turner to make up all the hours I've wasted.

Jenn said...

I think I've only been on a HP-related website once. That was in the lead up to Order of the Phoenix when we didn't know when it would be coming out and were desperate for any news/rumours/speculation on what it would be about.

I thought I was obsessed until I read the website. Huh. I was nowhere close.

For once, I didn't refer to the Weasley twins as Gred and Forge. For another, I do not stare at you unblinkingly and say, "Mars is bright, tonight." (Ruddy centaurs!)

But I did take to referring to people I don't like as slimy gits.

Just goes to show I suppose. (Yes, I'm still in mid-obsession - this too shall pass, at least I think it shall)

Jenn said...

Also as far as my mind and heart are concerned, I have only spell:


Anonymous said...

Happyy New Year. I guess this is why you havent been on skype since boxing day. HOw goes the New Years resolutions? I've made three so far. Simon only has one but its important. Listen to Jackie more as she is usualy right. I thouht that one up.

Jenn said...

Hello there Anonymous. Happy New Year. In the bleak midwinter though it is. Snuggle up before an open fire, heat up some cocoa and sing.

Your Peruvian gear should come in useful.