Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jenny Goes Postal

"Why are you screaming?" she asks.

"Because if you create a bloody world, even if it's a skewed Escher-type universe where up is down is up is down, you still need a few rules. And then you follow the bloody rules. Things have to make sense. On celluloid if not in real life.

"This," I point my finger accusingly at the screen. "This is utter Chaos. The deaths - its gratuitous - there's no coherence, nothing makes sense."

"Oh come on, it's a soap opera, when does that ever have rules - they just have to figure out ways to keep the story going..."

I feel the muscles in neck clench, I want to throw a chair at the TV, I want to smash something, how can I communicate to these blindly trusting people that something is wrong here, something is very wrong here and they should vote with their remote controls and click off?

She continues to gaze at me with mild concern. A little more and she'll take my temperature. And I won't be answerable. No, not bloody answerable. I'm close to busting a blood vessel, and if I go down, I'm taking all the dewy-eyed cows with me.

You. Cannot. Just. Kill. Characters. Because. You're. Too. Dumb. To. Think. Of. Any. Further. Complications.

If a show is done, it's done.

Cue the happy ending and let everyone get to bed.

Not good, Benny...not good at all!


bo said...

i'll keep that in mind.

now 'scuse me whilst i resurrect some dead characters...

Tudor Rose said...

You are someone after my own heart. I have stopped reading book series & stopped watching tv shows when rules are broken by the writers/creators. Nothing infuriates me more. Glad to see I'm not alone.

Jenn said...

Bo: I don't think you would ever kill of someone cos you can't think of anything to do to them. But then, I don't think you'd ever stoop to writing soap operas.

Rosy: That's great. And you know what? They resurrected the dead guy (I think other people went postal as well, though for different reasons). And his ressurection is even more dubious than his death. Ah me. Glad I'm back in KL which means I can't watch it.