Friday, November 02, 2007

This and That

I was up at The Attic last night (oh my, was I) with my good friend VJ whose birthday it was yesterday...and there was this band playing that I had never heard before and the lead singer was um...kinda cute.

So I force poor old Vij to sit on the sofas right next to the stage so we can hear better (I mean without our faces being actually on stage itself) and I go into frantic SMS mode to my friend Addy to get me the goss on background etc. Addy who is recovering from an illness, obliges.

I think I so the drama queen one.

But it was fun.

And we sang along to old England Dan John Ford Coley tunes.

And there was some birthday party going on there and we got a piece of chocolate cake each which was nice. I only ate half of mine because I wasn't really hungry. I did have the garlic prawns though and that was nice. The Attic is really lovely on days like this when there isn't a crowd or oretty people jostling for attention.

And here's a shoutout to my whippersnapper.

It's been a day and I haven't written anything for NaNoWriMo. As well as other things I'm supposed to be writing but haven't gotten around too, my attention focussed on speeches and press releases et al.

Guilt slowly creeping...


Nessa said...

No guilt - just write. I only did 286 words yesterday. Last year, nothing for the first two days. No excuses, baby.

Jenn said...

OK. Weekend is here...hoping to get something down on paper or screen's you, it's you, you make me sing, your every word, your every line, you're everything.