Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Angel that Wasn't

I'm going to have to start doing something about these mood swings...impossible highs (so high I get a frigging headache), Mariana Gorge lows, then highs, then lows, then two glasses of Cognac, then to sleep, perchance to dream, then to wake up and make my zombified way through a management meeting - then not listening, not caring, then listening, but not has got to stop!

I learned something today which I should have guessed but which was like a stab in the gut anyway.

And my friend Sree commenting wryly on my latest status update ala Whitman (to die is different from what anyone supposes, and luckier) sent me an inbox message to whit, I am the queen of goths...there is a winter within me, a place so cold, so covered in snow, I hardly ever go there.

Yes, indubitably.

Sadder but never wiser.

Why is that?

And what I really really should be doing right now is uploading pictures from our event onto my boss' blog with funny, quirky captions. Except that I don't feel particularly humorous at the moment. Thank God, Zafrul in his infinite wisdom (and dorkiness) has taken the photo CD and gone off somewhere. He is not due back anytime soon. In fact, I think he's going overseas. When I texted to ask him, he said, oh shit, yes. And when I asked if I could come out to meet him and take it off him, he didn't answer. Probably stuck in some ponderous highly important top secret meeting. Whatever. Not in the mood.

I think I shall take myself off. I need a drink. But I'm still hungover from last night.

When I fuck up, I really fuck up.

Later for you.


Nessa said...

Maybe the mood swings are normal. So many people have them and they do make life colorful. Even is boring.

Nessa said...

Come look at my gobbler.