Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Come One, Come All...

I'm sitting in a management meeting which is supposed to be weekly, but hasn't been for some time because the boss has been away. It's moving desultorily. The boss is not here (he's late or at another meeting) and Kanesh, the other boss is feeling particularly belligerent. Some people have already got up and walked off and I'm hungry. I don't know why this meeting always makes me hungry.

Lately, I've felt a frog in my throat (I think it has something to do with Bar Savanh on Saturday and a really really strong gin and tonic, cigarette smoke, raucous music and enduring it till 2.30am).

Sleep, lots of sleep is what I need. I realise that I cannot do the going out every night thingy. Maybe it's age. But I ain't no party girl. Come to think of it, maybe I never was.

It's Wednesday now and in a few days, we have another major launch. This time it's prepaid cards. I have to send the invites out today.

You wanna come?


Nessa said...

If I can have a very large G & T.

gunsdontkillpeoplepeoplekillpeople said...

ahoy hoy,
we need to touch base. have your people call my people and set something up. kissy-kissy.

Jenn said...

Nessa: The largest! We'd have to go to sky bar after that, which is expensive but maybe I can get my stingy boss to pay for that...hehe.

GDKPPKP: Toodles crackhead. We do. OK. When your people have called my people (can Shi Sho be termed as my people? isn't she as much your people as my people?) we'll chill and have a wine spritzer and some lemons.

Nessa said...

I wrote something about Specimen Days, just so I could say I attempted a discussion.