Sunday, September 30, 2007


I've just finished vampire fighting - I made it to Ice Vampire today and am terribly chuffed. I got my friend VJ to say he'd remove the vampire application (he accepted someone else's vampire invite to my infinite chagrin) so I could invite him and he could be part of my army. Woo hoo! I am so into this it's not funny. Or maybe it is.

I'm back from a night out with my friends A and S. There was Cabernet Merlot involved. Also some teh tarek. And although I was in Bangsar I was dressed for the beach. With slippers (you probably call them flip flops) and all.

Last night I was in Zeta Bar with good friend. There was champagne and loud music and a crappy band. And guys feeling up girls with exposed midriffs. Sometimes you don't even need the champagne to have fun. And an ex-boyfriend who was there with some chick and who stared a little but not a lot.

I am supposed to write about a trip to the Attic (yes, another trip to the Attic) last week, where a friend and I accidentally walked in on a "Get Me A Date by Friday" but time has passed, the memories have thinned, and really it was no big deal. Just lots of people swilling around, trying desperately to appear interesting, imbibing vast quantities of alcohol to help it along...there was some guy who hit on my friend. He seemed drunk to begin with but became soberer. His wife died on their wedding day. He was trying to pick up the pieces after a year of self destruction.


Always deceptive.


Nearly always wrong.

It's been a tiring week. I wanted to tell you about our launch of our first product but the memories are confused and tangled and I feel like another drink.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

(PS: If you're not already a vampire, please let me bite you)


dandelion said...

Hey Jen, sounds like you've had an exciting week. Missed your blogging but glad of the reports that you've been having a good time. Am sure the launch went brilliantly well. :)

Hrishikesh said...

If it involves biting i'd rather be the one whos doing the biting! Good to hear all is well lady :)

Nessa said...

I was thinking this morning while on my walk that if vampires turned into something else they should turn into ticks. I can't walk in the beautiful park at the end of my street because I come out covered in ticks.

Jenn said...

Praby! Where have you been? Why you didn't let me introduce you to chubs? If you wanna know what's been happening company-wise, check out Zafrul's blog: It went fine, actually. Really well. Even though most of my colleagues were there minus one night's sleep.

Hrish: Aiya, lemme biteyoular...please, please, please?

Ness: Ugh. I hate ticks! My poor Nessa....

dandelion said...

hey jens...i didn accept the intro to chubs...cept it took awhile, i saw it when u did intro to SC but couldn't find it after that and so didn't know how to accept. anyway, finally found it again two days ago...think u must have done another intro? Anyway, am doing very well. Spoke to MZ today and believe it or not she found a good calling card system for me here in Canada!! I'll sign up with them soon. And will try and call u sometime...just need to arrage to get u at home. Also, I got a job offer! take care. write