Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dadda's Sick Again

Dadda bursts into my room where I'm lying stretched out, underlining pertinent points in Random Walk through Investing, between naps.

"JENNY! What time is it?"

Bloodshot eyes wide in shock, grey hair in a three hundred different directions, sarong crumpled and dishevelled.

"12.30, why?"

"OH MY GOD!" he almost falls back in alarm. "I got to go to work."

Amazing. He's completely wiped out the memory of the past two hours.

"You're sick Dadda. You're on MC. I took you to the doctor, remember? You got the day off."

I see memory creeping back into his eyes. Horror recedes, a hint of a smile.

"Oh yes."

"You hungry?" I was supposed to buy lunch. "Porridge OK?"

(His throat is scratchy, he spent all last night coughing, the prescribed cough mixture having no effect and woke up today dizzy, in a cold sweat. Whereupon, fearing an attack of some sort, he crawled back into bed. Doc said he couldn't have anything fried, anything spicy and no fruits. So that leaves soup which he doesn't want. Or porridge)

"Yeah, OK."

"You hungry now?"

"Nolar mol."

He staggers back to bed.

I shift my girth out of bed and take a shower. Then I take myself off to Jaya's where I purchase some porridge with ikan masin (salt fish) and chicken. And a roast pork rice for self.

I come back and Dadda eats. He's hungry. Feels a little better after the blackout sleep. I think the medication must be good if it let him drop off. Also, he's exhausted from his disturbed night.

Then I take myself off to work. It's 2.30.

(I've done fuck all today)


Erratic Scribbler said...

you took care of your dadda. i wouldn't say you've done fuck all day.

goldennib said...

Ditto what ES said. Taking care of your Dadda gets you mega points in the doing stuff department.

I'm picturing my Father in a sarong. It's pretty comical because he's a big PA dairy farmer sort of guy.

How are you faring with the break in situation?

Are you going to take your boss up on working from home? Of course, I couldn't do that because I'd be doing my own thing instead of work, like I'm doing now and I an at work.

Oh and by the way, I do not care for the way in which you refer to yourself in this post. You are so beautiful and you are always putting yourself down and I say, "Stop it, damn it!"

Berlinbound said...

Enjoyed catching up ... always do.

that girl in pink said...

been reading your blog and leaving without saying anything. can never think of what to write that'll make you feel better.

is your dad feeling better?

take care and post soon.

Jackie said...

Good girl - taking care of dadda - he took care of you. Be nice to yourself, it's hard to function when you are sleep deprived.

Jenn said...

It tickles me how some of your referred to my Dadda as Dadda (that is his proper name, which I, as a little tyke decreed and being the eldest, haha, the decrees stick, in terms of names anyway)

Berlinbound, welcome back...

Pink, don't worry, up and down - see saw moods - used to it.

ES, I meant in terms of worklar.

Ness: Sorrylar...I was going to agree with you then Julie just went through some photos from earlier this year and I cringed at myself majorly.

Jackie: I fell asleep today, haha.