Friday, December 15, 2006

Castration: Not as fun as I thought it would be

It's been three days since Elliot's little operation. The pain seems to have kicked in properly today. We thought he was settling down and recovering when this morning we noticed little whimpers escaping him as he tried to find a more comfortable way to sleep. That's the thing with large-testicled dogs. After the unkindest cut of all, the testicles, which have not been sutured, tend to get in the way.

I called the vet, and we went to pick up some painkillers. Gave it to him, allowed him to sleep inside (Mom turned a blind eye for once because the doggie was in such obvious pain) and after a while he became more comfortable and fell asleep.

Despite his agony, the naughty doggie still finds it in himself to growl viciously at Maggoty. We castrated him, hoping it would improve his personality. Elliot, who looks part Rottweiler, is one aggressive dog.

When he starts growling:

Julie: Give me a reason, just give me a reason!

Jackie: Elliot, stop it! Don't you dare!

Me (bellowing - I have very good lungs): You go sit down there and shut up or I'll wallop you!

(None of it works, of course)

Simon said it would take a while for the testoterone to vacate his system. We're hoping after he will be all sweetness and light and forget to growl at Maggot. (I would, however, be perfectly OK if he bit chunks out of Igor)


QuillDancer said...

Wait a minute -- you cut off his balls and you thought that would make him HAPPY? Malay women are scary ...

Jenn said...

Firstly, I'm NOT Malay, I'm Indian.

Secondly, I wasn't stupid enough to think it would make him happy, but I didn't realise he would be in this much pain. I guess we were fooled by the whole "minor procedure" that the vets sold us. Am still glad we castrated him though, because he needed it.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Male dogs who aren't fixed run a greater risk of getting testicular cancer so you did a good thing. We recently got our male dog done (and mind you, his 9 years old!) but he didn't seem to be in much pain though he is a small dog. He did however chew out all but like one stitch, crazy mutt.

QuillDancer said...

Sorry about the mislabel -- and I was joking, Jenn!

Jenn said...

Quilly: Sorry. My bad.

Silverneurotic: Hello. Thanks for the heads up. And little (massive) Elliot is a lot better now. A lot.

goldennib said...

We had to put a collar on our dog when we had him fixed. Doesn't that sound better than castration? Were Eunchs fixed? You notice no men commented on this?

Jenn said...

Eunuchs fixed? Haha...they had to guard harems didn't they? I thought they were remarkably bitchy though, the eunuchs. Not real men, not real women, just the worst of both.

Yeah, I noticed...but it's understandable.