Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All It Does Is Rain

It rains. And rains. And rains. And then, for variety, it rains some more. Lightning, thunder. Light drizzle pretending it's gonna stop. Heavy again. A little lighter. Then heavy again. Tapering off. Then heavy again.

It's been like this for three whole days already.

The road in front of the Convent is flooded. Roads in town are flooded. Work on the fence has had to stop. Nobody can hang out clothes to dry. Our Astro (satellite tv) transmission is disturbed.

It's dark. It feels like winter. The air is so moist you could lick it. The doggies are sleepy. I am sleepy. But I need to drive into town and run some errands.



goldennib said...

It's so hard to move when the weather is like that.

Jenn said...

OK three days and counting. If it makes it to 37, it will be time to look out for Noah. Chances are this time he'll leave the humans behind.