Friday, August 21, 2015

Quotidian Concerns

The three dogs are bathed now. They are all slightly damp as all three towels (somehow or other) were not quite dry. One of them (Elliott's) had been pulled to the floor so the doggie could sleep on it. When I arrived home at close to three in the morning yesterday, Elliott was inexplicably outside. His fur looked ruffled and sticking out oddly (as if the other doggies had had a go at him, and their saliva hardened in his fur). Now Elliott cannot sleep on the floor (I bet I know what happened and Dadda had caught him sleeping on the sofa). So he pulled down a towel, his towel, and was sleeping on it. It has been raining. The towel was wet.

As for the other two dogs, I had put their towels on Mum's car because they kept pulling them down to bite. So, as I said, it rained. Two more towels wet. Which meant all three dogs have not been dried properly. I am relying on the sun to do it properly.

What quotidian worries, huh?

I wake up and look at Elliott and listen for the other two outside and know that I have to drag myself up to take them for their walks. That's just the way things are. Today's was a good walk. I let them go in the park and they ran and played with each like puppies. Well, Bruno and Sylvie did. Elliott hovered around, wanting and not wanting to get in on the game. He is an old doggie and the young-uns tend to get a little rough.

They were scratching and scratching and scratching...I had not bathed them over the last weekend, had not been in the mood, put it off, and I was feeling guiltier and guiltier every day. So when we got back from the walkies, gave them their water and then, dragged Bruno, who was in the kitchen next to me (he likes to keep close) into the bathroom and wet him thoroughly and scrubbed him down with doggie shampoo. (We have run out, I have to get some more, what quotidian worries, huh?)

And I bought two birthday cards for Dadda yesterday...and forgot to bring them home. The two girls had been at my place till late, late, late last night. I had intended to write a bunch of letters (seven in all) but was interrupted. So I only got the two four and a half more to go. And I have to edit the roundtable now that SD has come back with it at the very last minute possible. Yikes!

I don't feel like much of anything. I force myself to heed these quotidian worries, put one foot in front of another in a world bled of any joy or colour.

What quotidian thoughts, huh?

Later that day:

Today seems to be fluid, it flows, like water in water. Like red water in clear water...where you can see the liquid shooting forward, unimpeded. I edited something. I have sent it to Kenneth. Came in to work. Anna, who has been cleaning and decluttering her apartment found a bunch of books that I lent her and brought them back today. And she brought another book too, called The Wednesday Letters which I can't wait to get stuck into. There are other things I need to do. But I left my phone at home. And without my phone - it will be hard.

So much to do.

Let's see what I can get done today.

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