Saturday, August 22, 2015

I Miss Her Everyday

I miss my mother every day. It's no longer an ache in the centre of my chest, just an awareness of an absence in my life. So much left unresolved.

Yesterday was surprisingly productive. It's as if this fog has lifted over me and I could do stuff again. Not clean my room. Oh no. But I did manage the get all of six letters written. I kept adding to the list of people I wanted to write to, given the great hiatus, and now my list has swelled to 10. Which means I have four letters to go. I have booked a maid for Monday. I need to do an initial clean before she comes. Especially of my room. I do at some point need to colour my hair.

I woke up early today (OK not when the alarm went off because it goes off at fricking 4 in the morning) but a few hours later, and took the dogs for a walk. I have to be out of the house early today.

Last night, while the rush of energy lasted, I wrote letters, did some grocery shopping, made asparagus belachan, sayanged the dogs (giving them asparagus stalks to chew). And then around midnight I started getting tired, so I went to bed, read some Spirit Junkie and fell fast asleep. Elliott, of course, slept with me, first under the bed and then, in his own green bed which I have spread out on the floor once again.

Anyway, I will probably be out for most of today, so luckily Dadda has some asparagus belachan in the fridge for his lunch and dinner...there is also chicken if he wants to make curry. I need to buy lemons because the honey lemon drink seems to help him and we're down to our last half lemon now.

Later for you.

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