Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Beginning

For a while now, things have been getting a little dark around here. It reflects my mood, but only my mood part of the time. It's like the only time I set pen to paper (metaphorically speaking, that is) is when I'm down and depressed.

So I've decided to start another blog, the kind that honours Pollyanna and Buddy the Elf and all the optimists of the world, the kind that deals only in light and happiness...

This will remain for the angst.

But as for the rest, if you ever need a little pick me up, check it out here:


What say you?


Tudor Rose said...

Do what you need to do :)

I for one will definitely be reading both. I like the mix of light and dark that makes us us.

Perl Hacker said...

(two thumbs up!)


Jenn said...

Thanks TR. Knowing me, whether I like it or not, I will HAVE to be posting on both. I admire Pollyanna. I'm just not nice enough to be her yet.

PH: Thanks! ;-)