Thursday, February 17, 2011


There are moments when you absolutely need someone to show up like magic, not because you need something nice, but because you need your worldview transformed. You need some hope to be born in you. You need to know in one moment that someone believes in you. You need a kindness midwife to hold the space so you can show up like magic for someone else the next time around... - Jen Lemen

My mother has this superstition: be careful what you do on New Year's Day as it will set the theme for the rest of the year. I started the year reading Harry Potter. Which is cooler than it sounds. Because it means that the one thread that has been running through my year so far is magic.

As I look at my vision board I see that "MAGIC" is one of the words I chose for it. Old magazines are good for something, hey?

I put on my new amethyst agate bracelet, slip on my rose quartz star of David pendant on a shiny silver necklace around my neck, look to see if I feel like wearing my beautiful citrine ring and earrings and sail into the night looking for adventure.

A few drops of rainbow serpent energy under the tongue and I feel like pleasant energy moving through me speaking of renewal, rebirth. Or the Findhorn essence of air which opens the heart chakra.

Colours start to swirl. My body grows hot with the energy pulsing through me. I phone Celine whom I met after the meditation session at a pub, on her first night out after a major surgery, and tell her about it. And fix it so she can go to. She wants to. She is one of those superwomen who takes care of everyone but herself. Love, love, love.

I get off the phone and Theresa calls to ask if I want to interview Baden Powell's great great grandson. Of course I do. But the time she gives me, is when we'll be having high tea for Chubs's birthday, and when he will be cutting his cake. (We're giving both high tea and dinner - I'm cooking, so I need to see to the menu - the only thing Chubs asked for is a lemon curd cake and chicken vindaloo)

I say, how bout Sunday? Or Monday? Monday, I have to take Arnold to the vet for a check up and meet a girl I've never hung out with before at Backyard for Mark on Monday.

You know what I'm saying?

Then Tuesday, I load up the car (hopefully not forgetting my passport this time) and take off to JB for a stint. Not that long, but long enough.

So I take out my new (though old) Lemurian crystal and train it over Arnold's three wounds when he's in too much pain to eat and comb his aura. The doggie falls asleep for a while, and then when I get up to go out, he follows me, heads straight for his bowl and delicately negotiates it (what with the Elizabethan ruff around his neck and all). And eats. And finishes everything. That's what I'm talking about.

I cleaned up my room yesterday and all I need to do now is to go around it with a burning smudge stick and cleanse it of all negative energies.


More magic.

More magic.

You'll see it when you believe it.

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