Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sith Lord

He comes into the room and rubs his hands together. Affecting evil. Except that it is no affectation. He actually IS evil.

"You want a woman, you fuck her mind first. Then the body comes to you for free. Believe me, she will be begging for it. Look at me, I can't even seem to get rid of them. Which is a bummer. A guy gets bored. He likes some variety."

I nod fixated, wondering why he is deigning to share this information with me. Of course, I'm not in the running so I don't matter. But does he think I wouldn't share the information?

Then I glance across at the table. He's screwing four of the five women there. I watch their eyes as they look at him. Clearly, it doesn't matter what I say. He's got them wrapped around his pinky. He shares just a little with each. Just a little, just enough to let them know that the others are the enemy. Make sure everyone is civil. But always ensure there is an appropriate level of mistrust. We cannot have midnight bonding sessions. You know how women get when they're friends.

He catches each eye in turn with a significant look. As if to say, "See what I'm dealing with? See how she is all over me like spaghetti sauce? This woman doesn't know what's what. She just can't let go. When you know, you're all I want."

He surreptitiously sends each one a text message in turn, assuring her of her utter importance in this bevy of beauties. He calls each when they leave and get home. To make sure they got the right impressions. It is so important, keeping all this square. Maybe he'll invest in the latest relationship management software - to square the stories, the birthdays, the anniversaries, the significant events. Yes, who would have thought that it could be used for this? To hell with customers, who cares about customers?

It's getting late. One by one the girlfriends have faded out, too tired to out-wait the other. They know he will call anyway. Maybe they wont get together tonight. Maybe it will be tomorrow.

He lights a cigarette and contemplates just how easy it is. Women are like dogs. You train them and they respond. Gets into his car and makes the five-minute drive back home.

Where he fucks his (ex?)-wife who just happens to live with him.


Chermaine said...

it would hurt like hell for the girls to find out :(

Jenn said...

It would. But it would be better they found out than get taken along for the ride actually believing he cared. He doesn't. Not for anyone but himself.

The bastard!

Dark Angel said...

Yes I am beginning to realise just how well he spun his tales, used the same lines and played the women.

Such a bad taste is all that is left.

Jenn said...

You live and you learn. The you move on.

All hail the Sith Lord. May he rot in hell!

Dark Angel said...

But hell would be the haven he seeks as The Devil is the Sith Lord's alter ego...

No! to the heavens he must go, to sit and play poker with the Gods!

Jenn said...

I can so imagine him being Apollo and chasing Daphne till Artemis is forced to turn her into a reed. Apollo was never punished for his misdeeds though.

I feel like Cassandra at the moment, to be frank.

Dark Angel said...

Honestly, I have no idea what I feel...into my bubble i should retreat...