Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Song From The Singer

I went to Backyard last night on a Monday for the first time in a couple of months. I was there with Mary. We sat in front and listened to Mark play. He smiled a lot like he always does, and played very well, like he always does. Four other musicians took turns on stage - it became a veritable jam session.

Mark sang "Call Me Al" for Mary and "Return to Pooh Corner" for me and various other songs for various other people.

A guy called Cletus who works for BMW (and drives a Beemer cos he has no choice about the matter) got up on stage and sang some other selections (he dedicated his first song to me and Mary).

Vijay went up on stage and sang some and dedicated some Beatles number I have never heard to us.

Two guys tried to pick Mary up. A Malay buaya with a goatie and paunch who was dressed as if he had come straight from work (he moved on to a lady with a beautifully exposed cleavage when Mary proved uninterested) and a Finnish guy who told Mary she was beautiful and he liked her teeth. She managed to blow him off as well.

Basically it was very nice to have all these songs sung for us and Backyard wasn't crowded or smoky which is always good, and I was very tired so I leaned back and tried not to fall asleep. The music was soothing and I think, I think, I really think that:

I have finally managed to separate the song from the singer.

(It's hard to belong to someone else when the right one comes along!)

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