Monday, April 28, 2008

For Posterity

Sometimes I wish I was more regular in updating this. Although nobody may be reading it anymore (ever since I password-protected it) it's still a good record of what is happening in my life at any one time.

I'm back in JB now. It's the Big M's birthday today. We had a midnight sort-of celebration and there was port. I had two glasses which made for a very deep sleep after.

I'm leaving for KL early tomorrow. There are various things I have to do and bloody Maxis has just threatened to cut off my phone line yet again. This is a phone bill I've already paid twice this month. Only, first time I paid it, I stupidly did it over the internet. I didn't know it takes three days to clear. So when they cut off my phone line the next day, I marched off to Maxis' office in Bangsar only to be told that internet payments take that long to clear and if I wanted to open my line I would have to fork out RM100. Which I did. Surely RM100 is enough to see me through the three days plus two (weekend). But sadly, it was not to be. I woke up today with another threat SMS-ed to me. Ye gods and little fishes. So maafan one!

I think the best thing I've done this year is quit the gym. My yoga class is great and Richard (from New York) is the quintessential yoga instructor. He's this very interesting person who, among other things, meditated for a year at a monastery in Burma. He regards my pathetic attempts at the asanas with patient tolerance. (My favourite is the shivasana at the end, the dead man's pose where you're supposed to lie relaxed and go into deep meditation - from my snores, you can tell that my meditation is particularly deep).

This seems to be turning out a very strange year. Very strange indeed. Kookier than all previous ones. Nice to break out of the 'more of the same' cycle.

Later for you...

(Oops, I just remembered, I missed Mark's birthday this year...the other Mark, the one who wrote a book. It didn't even cross my, I think we're officially not friends anymore, how sad)


Unknown said...

I like the corpse pose too - though I cannot be still enough to practice yoga well. :)

Jenn said...

Wish you were here then you could be my yoga buddy - altho I bet you're pretty good and just being modest about it happy scribey!