Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Off the Wagon

Hmmm...does succumbing to four white wines in a night count as falling off the wagon?

Because in that case, I did.

Started out at lunch after which I developed a severe migraine (fighting KL traffic after a thunderstorm didn't help)...but did that stop me from going to Backyard?


I was there till the wee hours hanging out with various people I never met before who became my new best friends in that haze of alcoholic camaraderie, talking about really deep stuff like plimsolls and dancing to music in my head.

Also music that was actually playing.

As in not just in my head.

This morning I was jolted out of a post-binge guilty sleep by Nits who wanted to do breakfast. At La Bodega. I made haste to the bathroom, brushing my teeth while still on the phone...toothpaste talk is so intimate don't you think? And who should I bump into when I clatter into my seat but the good ole boss, TZ himself at a nearby table, having a serious discussion with two colleagues.


Except for saying, yes, I see you're working very hard Jennifer when he was leaving, he was cool about it. At least, I think he was. I could be wrong. But then, when you're hungover (oh how familiar these fumes) nothing much matters...

As I stuffed my face for breakfast I feel like going to the gym for lunch. Working out some of the excess adipose. Burning off the alcohol fumes.

My phone is nearly out of battery.

Such is life when you're off the wagon.

I want more!




Nessa said...

I could go for a Margarita right now.

Marge said...

Funny one, Jenn!