Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Perfect Day

I would like to take off on the beaten highway and write a Road story.

So what if it's been done too many times? All stories are old. But new all the same. Every line is cliched. But fresh all the same. And what fun a journey into nowhere would be, meeting strangers, hanging with them for a day, adding them to facebook or not, and moving on.

How impeturbable the traveler who carries little and takes away less.

Ah me.

It's always a perfect day.


Nessa said...

I would love not to feel the responsibility of staying in one place.

Jenn said...

Some of us are born hobos. :)

bo said...

do you really need to go somewhere to tell a road story? i'm not so sure. the fact that he traveled is, i think, coincidental. what matters is that he was alive enough to recognize what was going on around him as something more than it seemed, that he himself had wisdom to depart.

to quote jack kerouac: i had nothing to offer anybody expect my own confusion.

to quote lao tzu: a good traveler casts aside the map and is not intent on arriving.

and to quote you: if you are living the life you are meant to be living - as tough as it gets - it will never be the living death of settling for someone else's idea of what is right.

Jenn said...

Did I really say that? Wow. Sometimes I'm wise without knowing it. Thanks Bo! :)