Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now

When I was young (or at least a good deal younger) I always thought there were goodbyes that would last forever. That this was IT.

No more, no more, no more.

That no matter how much some people meant to me, I could cross them off some proverbial list, erase them from my life and henceforth, they would cease to exist.

I know better now.

As long as I loved them, as long as they really meant something to me, they will show up again. Sometime. And when they do it will be like no time has passed.

Time: silly illusion.

What is one year, 10 years or even 20?


And Dan Fogelberg is playing in my head now for some reason or nother.

Trust isn't something that's spoken,
Love's never wrong when it's real...


stefany said...

Relationships are forever. We are 99.9 electricity. We are mostly information. Intention that became experience. We are infinite because of this. Therefore, relationships, no matter the length are forever. It makes everything and everyone we experience eternal. Sometimes we can ignore it for a while but never forever. " love is stronger than death."

Nessa said...

I think we are all connected, too. When we die, we all go back to the source, wiggle around happily in each others' auras, then come back to finish what we need to finish.

Or not if we are perfect like me; D

Jenn said...

Stef and Ness: Cosmic soup. Um, some reunions take longer than others. Another birthday passed and this time, I didn't even write my traditional birthday message. And I feel less and less about it.