Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Too many walls

I'm sitting in the office writing this. A colleague has just threatened to "sniff" my computer (whatever that means). Apparently they used to do it at Citibank, to see what every employee was doing. Privacy laws forsooth, they read every email, saw every piece of porn that was pushed through those pipes (alliteration sometimes soothes the tormented soul).

My iPod is playing Come Undone. How apt. How appropriate. How particularly apposite.

I want to crawl under my desk and hide for a bit. Open space is all very well except when I want to disappear and there are a million people around and I can't. My ears are stopped up with earphones so I can't hear what is going on around me - but there's all this space and there is the silence in between.

Too many walls.

My walls.

Will I ever learn?


Lakeside Ling said...

yep. i remember that. one morning at cubicle hell, we all got a memo: "blogging, looking on myspace and other networking sites is prohibited. don't think we don't know what you're doing on company property."

i say you clear your history cache and do twenty hits of this site:

then say loudly, within earshot of the thought-sniffing police, that you have a right to look at hedgehogs in hats whenever you please.

goldennib said...

I hate work, too. I'm not allowed to wear earphones or surf the web or anything that makes life bearable.

Grey Shades said...

Hows the new work place lady? I'm still having some trouble trying to grasp the fact that you are actually in a job!!!!

Jackie said...

I can identify with wanting to crawl under your desk. Sometimes, too many walls - sometimes, not enough walls.

Susanna said...

That's why freelancing is so great. Nobody to tell you that you can't surf the web! Not, I hasten to add, that I'm in favour of wasting company time. However, I do believe even the best of us need some brain rest.

Jenn said...

Ling: I did what you said. I think colleague was joking now. He likes to pull my leg. And I like to answer him in five syllable words so he doesn't understand what I say.

Nessa: I'm listening to Chumbawumba on youtube and writing on my blog. Haha. This is the life!

Grey: You and me both. And what's more I get in at 7.30 nearly every day. Howzzat for dcdication? Early days yet...

Jackie: It was a bad day. Trying to get used to stuff. Am a little more familiar with things now. And surprise, surprise, the noisiest one in the office - the others are more corporate types and I'm more a press type. BIG difference.

Susanna: I don't surf the web. Only youtube for nice songs...hahahahaha.