Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Get Knocked Down

It's been a month. Give or take a few days. I've been freaking out. But that's normal I guess. It's been four years since I've actually had an honest-to-goodness job with a dress code and a specific time to come in every the morning and the boss asking if I am on a half day if I decide to leave at six. (Malaysian companies are mad and Malaysian employees may as well have sleeping bags in their respecitve offices)

There's a cute consultant in the office I like to ogle at in the breaks between frenzied activity but the nature of consultants is that they are transient, nomads, born to wander. Ah me.

I've just sent out a million (it feels like) invitations to various press for my first press conference which is to take place on Monday. I'm supposed to emcee the thing. How on god's green earth am I supposed to do that? I am neither sober nor respectable. Give me a mike and I turn on the histrionics.

I was coaching my boss on how to deliver his speech, making him pause frequently, asking him to smile at the audience at this part, say this in a snide tone, etc, etc. Finally, fed up, he asked me how I would deliver the same speech. I launched into an impassioned oratory worthy of Mark Anthony and he shook his head:

"I've got an idea, why don't you deliver the speech and I just sit back and listen."

No can do boss-man. You're important. I'm just part of the furniture. The less people notice me the better. (OK it's a little difficult not to notice me at the moment. I mean if you came across me you'd take about a week to walk around to avoid me, but still...)

I've gotten drunk with colleagues all of once. It was fun. I had two glasses of wine and one of port on an empty stomach. Probably not the smartest thing in the world.

I may have said this before, but I'll say it again. They're very nice and easy to work with.

I get knocked down, but I get up again, you never gonna keep me down.


Grey Shades said...

part of the furniture? LOLLLL!!!!! :) glad to hear that you are among ppl now!

part-time buddha said...

pissing the night away...

Susanna said...

Hey, at least you are enjoying the people you work with. Good for you!

Jackie said...

Good luck with the press conference, Jenn. That sounds exciting - you'll have to let us know how it goes. Glad to hear you are liking your new job now.

john calica said...

Congratulations! I have a new function as well. Same company, different job. But hey. Works for me as well :)

Good luck!

Btw, since it's election season in Manila, I am changing my blog title for the meantime to something more political, since I am linking my blog to this org that has an advocacy of educating our voters, especially those living in the urban poor communities.

I just thought I had to let you know. I am reverting of course to Last Night I Dream Somebody Loved Me after the elections:)

Lakeside Ling said...

oh, flashback! i used to have to do that. i kinda miss it.

you'll do well. :D

glad to see you posting again! work sounds like fun. :)

Jenn said...

Grey: Among ppl? I'll say. They're very nice ppl at that.

PTB: Are you alright? Will get a card and call you today. Have been out every night this week - late.

Sue: Thanks dear.

Jackie: Ah, the famous press conference. I must tell you all about it.

John: Boo hoo! But nemmindlar. When you coming to Msia?

Ling: OMG! Are all press conferences like this?

that girl in pink said...

i know i'm reading your blog after a long time but weren't you a writer? what you doing in PR?

Jenn said...

Pink: What am I indeed. Cari makan. That is, trading in writing and contacts with the press, for food and clothing.