Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Drama Queen

I don't know if you've noticed, but I tend to be a bit of a drama queen. They say that recognising one's weakness is the first step.

But I never seem to get past the first step.

I fly off the handle for featherweight offences, grind my teeth over imagined slights and lose sleep over what would not amount to a hill of beans to anyone else.

So, if I take off screaming down the road, collapse in hysterical sobs, twist the corners of my sari in exasperation (I don't wear saris), fly off the handle for nothing in particular, please bear with me.

I don't mean to be like this, it's in the blood.

Things will be better tomorrow.

And despite how I've behaved, I still really really like all of you.

ALL of you.

I'm sorry.


part-time buddha said...

That behavio(u)r does not make one a drama queen. It means you are reactionary. I'll use a description of me that my friend Mark once said, "With you, everyone and everything has a line. If anything or anyone crosses that line, even just a little bit, you react with the strongest degree of emotion possible. And then, maybe five minutes later or maybe five years later, you calm down and make like crossing that line wasn't such a bit deal. "

People like us are fun to be around because nothing is half-assed.

Don't apologize.

QuillDancer said...

Drama Queens soak up attention. Many of them create drama to make certain they get the attention.

I am a Drama Princess. I thrive on attention, but I will not humiliate myself or cause a scene to engineer it.

Jenn said...

Quasar: Is there anything I can say which you will not take in a semi sexual way?

PTB: Thanks for identifying with me, although I think you tend to be a lot less irrational than I am. How about the remorse one feels after flying off the handle for nothing in particular?

Quilldancer: Good for you. I'm afraid I am a drama "queen" not "princess". And yes, I tend to create all these situations, which naturally, blow up in my face.

Jenn said...

I am off to interview someone who doesn't speak English. (I wish wasn't such an Anglophile)

This should be interesting. As my Malay makes execrable look good.

Jenn said...

Quasar: I shall. Speak to you. As I will.

furyouhin said...

Own it. Wear a tiara. Buy 3,000 pairs of shoes. Pelt anyone who crosses you with small electronics.

Rather have that then someone who makes you guess at what they are feeling.

Jenn said...

Quasar: This blog will be the death of me. I should have been off my hiney like half an hour ago getting ready to split for the wild unknown (I have directions, but have never been there). Instead, here I am, reading comments and commenting. Sigh.

Fury: I guess I know what you mean. I hate second guessing someone who lets their feelings be known only in pointed little jabs that take a while to sting. You wake up at night like Calvin (Of Calvin and Hobbes), going, HEY!

goldennib said...

Yes, be the best damn drama queen you can be. I'll be your agent. We'll make big bucks. I'll hire all of the peons to cater to you and pour you your tea.

QuillDancer said...

Jenn, you may want to take a stroll by my place. I tossed your name about a bit.

Jenn said...

Nessa: Haha...I can just imagine having someone pour me tea. Wonderful!

Quasar: I was late. But more due to bad directions than setting out late. It was heartbreaking (not the being late part, that was just embarrassing, but the whole set up - will post about it later). I came out of it wanting to cry.

Quilly: Haha...sure, will take a stroll by your way, and you be sure to take a stroll down my way, come to tea.

young un who is kinda growing up said...

We love you jus the way you are babe! So stop apologising! And like you once said to me, I dont like even tempered ppl! ;)

Jenn said...

Young Un: Thank you sweetheart. And hang in there. Things will get better. I know they will.

Quasar: Time addles me. I addle time. The rise and the fall.

goldennib said...

PS: What was so sad?

Jenn said...

Patience, mine friends...I am working on it. Just got out of bed because was utterly exhausted.

And the young un woke me up with a nudge (no, Quasar, it's not what you think!)

Now I am wide awake (which may be a good thing or not)...and shall endeavour

goldennib said...

I used to be known for my patience, but I think I lost it with my marbles.

QuillDancer said...

Jenn - I can handle the US time zones just fine, but keeping straight all the time zones of the world is beyond anything I want to try to accomplish. Just get me to work on time and all is well.

(I think I have plenty of time to get ready for work, since I don't have to report back until August 23rd.)