Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Before Breakfast: Six Impossible Things

Like and 'like' and 'like' - but what is the thing that lies beneath the semblance of the thing?

Darling, restrain this impulse to be purposely obscure. It doesn't serve, believe me, it doesn't.

But why then does a toffee apple appear to be particularly lascivious?

Pendant, maybe. Gravid, I give you. But lascivious?

That red, red pouting mouth. I ask you...

There you have me, I couldn't say, if you stuck me in the middle of Megamall with my eyes closed and asked me to nose out the Starbucks.

A conundrum, then. But what were you doing there?

Oh darling, what does one do in that place of discarded dreams? Haunt the aisles, finger the threadbare, always-on-sale clothes, eye the dessicated Belgian chocolate, lick the floss of the buns, content oneself with lurid movie posters, all sound and fury, signifying....


Either that or Parkinson's disease. I tell you, it simply isn't good enough...all these enclosed parks of jaded air. Suffocating the stealthy shopper with the shambles of self. Or Self. Whichever.

But, but, but...there is a bookshop, a large one, and you know how you are with bookshops.

Do you want me to quote some Prahalad? Throw in some TLAs like BOP?


The poor, darling, the very poor. Only now we call them underserved. Or Bottom of Pyramid.

Ah, I get you Steve.

And I skulked in mobile phone shops with my shiny little notebook.


Yes, and the shopkeepers looked at me askance. They said, wherefore the notebook, and I said, please mister, can I have some more, and they said, MORE, MORE? And I skulked right out of there. I tell you darling, all this pressure on my cerebral cortex makes me tired, so tired...

What is one to do, after all? There is the thing. And the semblance of the thing. And the thing that lies underneath.


part-time buddha said...

Cool. Sort of 'Naked Lunch' meets 'When Harry Met Sally.' Of course, I have no idea what going on here, but I love the lascivious apple.

Jenn said...

That makes two of us. Sometimes I disappear into streams of consciousness and you get these meanderings...

It was a trip to the Mall. It was more of the same, more of the much so that my whole existence seemed pointless.

Thank you.

goldennib said...

This made me feel like I often feel when I go to the mall. I'm not a shopper. I have a list of things I need, I go get them. Being in a mall without a list makes me feel disconnected. The lighting feels green and the air feels like water. It feels like being in one of those futuristic movies where Big Brother is always watching and old people get turned into food pellets.

Oh, and you wrote it so beautifully. *kisses*

Jenn said...

...the lighting feels green and the air feels like water...

Beautiful. You capture what I was feeling. To a T.

But then you are a kindred spirit, what can I say.

Thank you. And big fat slurpy kisses and hugs right back atcha...:)

David Cho said...

You lost me. But no, I WILL NOT go to the mall just to understand what's going on here.

Jenn said...

Don't worry. Eschew malls by all means.

This was Jenn's Search for Meaning. Except that I searched for it by discarding it. If you know what I mean (I would be terribly surprised if you did because I don't and sometimes I manage to scare myself).

Such is life.

Life is such.

Somebody stop me!

that girl in pink said...


next time you go to the mall, take me with you. be nice to see the world from your point of view.

Jenn said...

Unless I am much mistaken, you are a mall lover....I don't think you would enjoy going to the mall with me...I get easily bored.