Thursday, February 15, 2018

Oxytocin Man

You throw words
against a canvas
this blank white wall
this empty space
whimsical smile playing
on your lips.

Not caring that some shafts
find a mark,
and the target
is vulnerable,
as you have previously

You watch, you wait,
you evaluate,
You can't help yourself,
it's what makes you you.

But you want infinite variety
always the spectacle
of something different
and eventually
variety turns into sameness,
and you're done.

Nothing touches 
your teflon heart
Oh oxytocin man
She knew what you were
But fell for you

You were a rush
to a tired heart
that had stopped 
that had almost 
stopped beating.

But day turns into night
the four hours are up
and you're weary.

So you smile,
and turn away
you're done for today.

Oh oxytocin man,
You're done.

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