Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching Up

Am a bit tipsy now. Just came back from Duke where I watched Mark and Victor perform...for about half a set. Mark said: "I haven't seen you in a looooooong time. How's the book coming along?" Victor just hugged me.

Go figure.

Anyway I had one glass of overpriced house pouring (seriously table) wine on an empty stomach and now am sort of up in the air. Floating is nice when it's only me and when I'm back from watching my favourite misantrophe who told me, among other things, that he hates the place, that the crowd is too young...blah, blah, blah...but I know's just first night jitters and that is how he lets off steam.

I was at Backyard earlier with Jab. Haven't seen both in ages. We caught up.

"I haven't seen you on Facebook for so long."

"Um yeah, that's cos I've deactivated it."

"Oh yeah? I thought you had gone overseas or something."


And I'm meeting Alison for breakfast tomorrow. And Esther on Saturday (to say nothing of my favourite dentist).

And then I'm taking off for Johor indefinitely.

And Mark said, see you real soon.

So I smiled and said, no you won't.

And Katherine will be here in October.

And Shelly whom I came back to chat with is not online.

Early breakfast tomorrow.

And so to bed.

(Am halfway through Catch-22. Yossarian Lives. No really. He does)

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Rider on the Storm said...

I am glad I can access your blog now :). Dont ask me questions. Just let me read you :)