Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Only Refuge

I wonder what is real anymore. Everything has the effect of a mirage. I find out things every day that harrow my soul. Is anyone who they say they are? Lies, lies and more damn lies.

And now I find that another carefully constructed edifice has all but tumbled. Part of me feels horrified. Another part, relieved. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. And now, it is all out in the open, grinning entrails and all.

A friend called to give me a heads-up. She said the problem with everything today - the company, the country, the world - is a lack of integrity and accountability. I agreed. No one is responsible for anything more than covering their own asses.

If karma is supposed to operate unflinchingly, why do I keep seeing these villains thriving, growing fat on their vampire feasts?

No justice.

I'm glad I left because things were unravelling at a frightening pace. Unravelling, unravelling, unravelling.

But now I feel orphaned out here in the cold.

And silence is my only refuge.

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