Friday, April 21, 2006

Some things last forever

We meet for a coffee and you look so tired. Drained. All this has taken too much out of you. And now there's me to add to an overfull plate. Eager beaver that I am, I try not to breathe, take up too much space, too much time. I compress myself and eagerly scribble down the pearls of wisdom that fall from your lips.

You look unbeautiful in your exhaustion, but I still have a hankering for...did you just touch my hand? No, no, that was just a fly. I swallow nervously. This is not turning out like I thought it would. We tiptoe around each other. Actually, it's nice. Sex is so sordid. This is pleasant. Me listening, you pretending to talk.

Your phone beeps and your next appointment is waiting. You drain the bitter cup and I hold my breath. Maybe a kiss goodbye? No, not even that. We smile. Shake hands. Thank each other. Part.

Some things last forever. This is just not one of them.


goldennib said...

Fantasies can last a long time. The excitement of the unknown and possibilities never actually consummated can get your blood boiling.

part-time buddha said...

"You look unbeautiful in your exhaustion."

Thank you for that.

Jenn said...

Oh my dears, I wish you were online now and I could chat.

Instead, I will write another post. My mind is on overdrive. I have just finished a second article. I did it quickly, the words flowed, one of the people reading it is the guy I have a crush on. A crush-du-jour so to speak. Spurs creativity.

tilotamma said...

hi there,
thanks for dropping by. Never seen you before.