Saturday, April 02, 2011

Much of a Muchness

I've got a few minutes as I wait for the water to rise in the avial now boiling. I'm making it for tomorrow's lunch, going to store it in nice plastic containers so I can give it out...good avial, at least, I think it's good.

Today seems like it was a waste of space but when I look around, I actually managed to do quite a bit. I've made tomorrow's lunch (well one dish anyway, the Kerala fish curry) which Dadda can eat for both lunch and dinner (I won't be around, he can just heat it up), and the avial is boiling. That took a little grocery shopping.

I took Arnold to Sri Hartamas for a long walk. I didn't intend to, but as I was leaving, he testified such distress and scrambled into the car, that I went back for his lead, and took my doggie to a new place where we kept to a path hemmed in by foliage.

After my customary fruit juice at this new stall in Bangsar that I absolutely love, I returned to make his mutton chops...he ate the mutton but not the rice and now he's looking at me sadly, like he's still hungry, ignoring the food that's left.

My room has had a quick clean (for which I'm grateful, now looking around) and I've done various bits and bobs. So in spite of sleeping for hours in the afternoon when I couldn't take it anymore and just dropped off, I seem to have achieved quite a lot today. I think it has to do with making out a to-do list and sort of sticking to it.

Some things I couldn't do. Like apply for my road tax. I think MyEG sort of shuts down on the weekend. And even if it doesn't, the payment gateways seem to. Or at least Maybank did. I'll try again on Monday.

I set up an interview today for Tuesday (should be interesting but I need to make a visit to the National Art Gallery to see an exhibit before I do the interview which can also double as my Artist Date) and I have a couple of interviews on Monday.

Busy busy busy or so it seems.

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