Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Want My Mommy!

It's the nights that are the worst. Somehow all the phlegm rises up in my throat and I spend the nights coughing, coughing, coughing and wishing my Mommy were back to take care of me.

The pills seem to be pretty ineffectual and I've lost my voice again. There was some work I needed to do today, and I've just done it and now I'm contemplating going out to buy know, as in when life hands you lemons, make lemonade? Ho hum.

Actually, I've had a shitload of people tell me to make the honey lemon drink...the latest being an old French guy, casually sprawled on his seat at the Mont Kiara Coffee Bean, reading The Star. I asked if I could borrow the business section to see my friend's worldwide exclusive with Richard Branson (she went to Necker Island, woo hoo!) and he frowned at my gravelly voice.

"You 'ave a cold? How do you 'ave a cold in Malaishia? It's so 'ot here. Now in France, it's very cold, so it's easy to 'ave a cold."

I didn't really have the voice or inclination to explain to him about things like damp and viruses and stress - other factors that could contribute towards the cold, and losing of the voice. Instead, I sat there and listened to him explain about honey lemon drinks just before bed which would make a tremendous difference to my throat, and also offer to take me to his apartment where he had just the right medicine.

He must have been at least 60 - a lean, grizzled fellow. Some things don't change.

Anyway, I made the mistake of going for a long walk yesterday with some friends - going for a long walk and sustaining my part of a long complicated conversation - which was not a good idea when I was not all better. Result of which, I started coughing up my lungs after, and had a really bad night.

This morning, what do you know, my voice has bowed out once again.

Someone called to ask if I was using my loss of voice as a reason not to talk to him.

I mean to say what??????

As I croaked my answer, I was floored by the irony of it all.

Jenn, the big mouth, the one who always has something to say, is speechless.

Ye gods, and I'm master of ceremonies at the function tomorrow.

I need a miracle.

I want my Mommy!


Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for wanting your mommy! You must be miserable with that cough that just keeps irritating your throat. I hope you start healing soon.

Jenn said...

Thanks Jackie.

Anonymous said...

French people are stupid.Do you want me to tell mum you're ill so she can ring you?

Jenn said...

What's the use? I can't talk, anyway. And she would only worry.

Nessa said...

There's nothing worse than unsolicited advice when you are not well.

Can you mime the MC gig?

John Calica said...

I once lost my voice and being the blabbermouth that I was (well am) it felt like Armageddon. However, I kinda liked the part wherein I could just ignore people I loathe, hence, I ended up faking 'it' two days after regaining my voice :)

Nessa is right, maybe you could just mime it, or do an interpretative dance :)

Jenn said...

Nessa: I actually got through it with minimal coughing. Except that my voice sounded like a cross between a buzz saw and a songbird. Husky. And I forgot to say stuff. Haha.

John: I cannot even ignore the people I want to, because they insist on talking to me and insist on answers and if I point to my throat and shake my head they don't believe me.